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Who are we?

LMGE specializes in building management and technical infrastructure, with expertise in the areas of Operation, Maintenance, and Energy Efficiency. Our mission is:
Ensuring the well-being of people
Increasing the value of estate assets
Energy efficiency and sustainability
Guaranteeing business operations

Our values

Our intervention is guided by the strict respect of ethical and deontological codes, integrating the following fundamental values:
  • Ethics

    We believe in transparency and total equidistance and independence from brands, contractors, and suppliers

  • Innovation

    We outline and propose the appropriate solutions to each problem using the best available technologies

  • Quality

    We like to be recognized by our customers as a partner that guarantees the highest quality of services

  • Rigor

    We consider the rigor of calculations and sizing as important as the rigor in meeting agreed deadlines

  • Professional Training

    We seek to constantly exceed the expectations of our customers, continuously investing in new knowledge

  • Sustainability

    We invest in solutions that minimize the negative impact of buildings on the environment and the ecosystem in which they operate


LMGE operates under LMSI, a company that specializes in Building Engineering, with a strong emphasis on the following disciplines:

Mechanical & Electrical (M&E)

Air conditioning systems, ventilation, electricity, communications, lighting, centralized technical management, fire and intrusion security, vertical transport equipment, and building hydraulics

Fire Safety

Emergency plans and evacuation of buildings, tests and verification of critical systems, computer simulations of evacuation and smoke behavior

Energy Efficiency

Energy strategies, the definition of parameters for the thermal behavior of buildings, auditing, certification, monitoring, and plans for rationalizing energy use


Sustainability assessment, terms of reference for building construction, indoor air quality analysis, environmental certifications, and plans for rationalizing water use

Project Management

Used as a tool in the areas of project coordination, management, and supervision of works, maintenance management, facilities management, and in technical audits

Visit LMSI’s website to explore a comprehensive overview of our areas of expertise.

The LMGE Team

LMGE is made up of a team of engineers and technicians specializing in buildings. Meet those responsible for each area:


Pedro Malheiro
Chief Executive Officer

Present in the genesis of LMGE, with an active role in all Grupo LM companies, Pedro has knowledge in all areas associated with the life cycle of buildings.

Pedro Castanheira
Pedro Castanheira
Chief Strategy Officer

With a deep knowledge of the company and his passion for innovation and technology, he has the challenge of thinking about the future.

Maria João Peliz
Maria João Donato
Chief Human Resources Officer

Maria João is responsible for the well-being of all LMGE employees, exercising this role throughout the Grupo LM.

Pedro Miguel Loureiro
Pedro Loureiro
Chief Financial Officer

The accounts man, a responsibility he carries throughout Grupo LM. Calm, rigorous, resilient, and effective.

Facilities Management

Jorge Branco
Jorge Branco
Business Manager

With a long career at LMGE, he is responsible for the Facilities Management business area and for the competent team that accompanies him.

Filipe Amaral
Filipe Amaral
Team Leader

Filipe is in charge of our Maintenance Management operations in shopping centers, an area where LMGE has specialized.

Miguel Borges
Miguel Borges
Team Leader

He is responsible for LMGE's operations in the North, where he has done an impeccable job, much appreciated by our customers!

Ricardo Rodrigues
Team Leader

Assertive and pragmatic, Ricardo manages Smart Maintenance services for customers where engineering knowledge and quality of service are essential.

Simão Martins
Simão Martins
Team Leader

Manages corporate client accounts where, in addition to Maintenance Management services, Facilities Management services are particularly prominent.

Building Consultancy

André Caravana
Business Manager

Pragmatic in approaching projects, he is responsible for the Building Consultancy business area, ensuring a high standard of quality in the services provided.

Francisco Carmona
Team Leader

With a deep knowledge of the buildings' technical installations, he is responsible for the Technical Consultancy team, ensuring rigor, detail, and depth in the technical audits and due diligence developed by LMGE.

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