Facilities Management for Miniclip

Another year, another partnership.

This year we started a new partnership with Miniclip, a leading company in video game development.

This partnership is based on the Facilities Management Consulting service for the Simulator II building, the new Miniclip headquarters in Tagus Park.

The building is currently under construction and will have a construction area of 8,400 m2 and a usable area of 4,000 m2. The construction is expected to finish this year.

In this case, the Facilities Management Consulting service includes the preparation of specifications for Maintenance, Cleaning, and Sanitation, Human Security, and Pest Control services.

Also included in this service is the entire procurement process necessary for contracting the teams that will perform the services included in the specifications. This process includes the launching of the tender, the clarification of doubts, and the analysis of proposals and negotiation.

Although this is our first collaboration with Miniclip, we intend this to be the beginning of a long partnership.

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