Management & Maintenance of Facilities in Nespresso

This month we embrace another project with Nespresso.

We are very excited to extend our partnership with Nespresso, a customer with whom we identify strongly, taking into account its main pillars: the quality, safety, and environment of all its spaces.

The relationship between LMGE and Nespresso began in 2013 with the implementation of WiseMetering, an energy management platform developed by LMIT, one branch of the LM Group.

We are now back in charge of a major project that includes the management and maintenance of facilities in 2 Nespresso service centers and 24 boutiques from North to South of the country and in Madeira.

In this project, we assume responsibility for electrical installations, air conditioning, electronic security, fire safety, elevators, circulation, civil construction, furniture, and refrigeration.

In addition to the maintenance of technical installations, we will also carry out preventive interventions fortnightly, exclusively in retail spaces.

We are grateful for the trust placed in us by Nespresso and we are excited to move forward with the project!

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