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Maintenance Management

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Maintenance Management

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2003 - ...

The Project

Our Maintenance Management partnership with Sonae Sierra started at Centro Colombo in 2003. The model implemented, the Maintenance Management System – Shared Model (SGM / MP), was a great challenge for LMGE not only for the size of the center but also for the complexity of the facilities.


The project started with a survey of all the existing equipment inside the center and the determination of a maintenance plan for each one. Works continued with the implementation of the maintenance management system. In this process, the enormous importance of using a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) was highlighted.


This project includes the following services:


  • Organization of maintenance activities;
  • Quality control of maintenance activities;
  • Stock and purchasing management;
  • Technical engineering support;
  • Support and control of works in stores;
  • Reporting of maintenance activities;
  • Sustainability reporting.

Building Name

Colombo Center


Shopping Center


400.000 m2

Centro Colombo is one of the largest shopping centers in the Iberian Peninsula

It has more than 340 stores with unique characteristics that, together with the huge variety on offer, provide their consumers the best possible shopping experience.

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work orders p/ year

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maintenance units

Only through the use of a maintenance management tool is it possible to manage projects of this magnitude, where the number of work orders and stakeholders involved is enormous.


This tool was developed by Sonae Sierra in partnership with one of the companies in the LM - LMIT group, with the objective of incorporating processes developed by SGM/MP and creating value.

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