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Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management implements consultancy and maintenance processes that are well-defined and transparent so that Operation & Maintenance activities can be more effective and efficient. Maintenance Management is responsible for the important task of defining the criteria for evaluating jobs, teams, and maintenance companies.

The scope of this service includes:

Equipment maintenance management

Control of Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Routines, Requests, Purchasing, Planning, Team Evaluation, Technical Support, Reporting

Building Operations

Responsibility for the daily operation and performance of systems and equipment, respective consumption optimization, and anomaly diagnosis

Facility management

Guarantee the functionality of buildings by integrating maintenance, cleaning, safety, comfort and environment. Linking spaces, people, processes and technology


According to DL 517/80, art. 14, the technician periodically inspects and monitors the state of conservation and maintenance of electrical installations

Maintenance Projects

List of equipment, systems, maintenance tasks, periodicity, times and resources, resulting in schedules, work orders and potential specifications

Smart Maintenance

Consultancy and maintenance for the management of small spaces, typically retail, ensuring a differentiated high-quality service at the best price. This service aims to provide a unique experience for our customers, centered on the well-being of all users. Smart Maintenance integrates:

  • Maintenance Management and Consulting
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Energy Operation & Management Support
  • Help-desk Support 

Project Management

Management of complex processes in buildings or in their technical installations, such as small or large refurbishments and retro-fit of technical installations, among others.

The proposed services may include the following phases:


A systematic process for assessing the physical characteristics and functioning of a property: identifying anomalies present, proposed solutions, costs, priorities and associated risks

Technical Specifications

Descriptions and specification of solutions, support drawings, and tender documents


Tender process including definition of key dates, identification of competitors, launch of the consultation, definition of evaluation criteria, technical and financial evaluation and support for negotiation


Technical coordination, supervision of works, planning control, quality control, hygiene, and safety, monitoring and reporting


Validation of the final documentation tests to ensure that the systems are operating in the most energy-efficient way and according to the design and safety conditions

Energy Consulting

Our consultancy approach to energy efficiency is supported by in-depth technical experience in the management of technical installations and business operations taking place in each building. This approach is realised in the final operation and validated by measuring and analyzing performance results.

These services include:

Energy Audits

Analysis of energy consumption in order to identify the main energy consumers and define measures to improve their performance and efficiency

Energy Certification

REH and RECS Energy Certificates, SGCIE Audits (DL71 / 2008 Intensive Energy Consumption Management System), DL68-A / 2015 (periodic energy audits for non-SMEs)

Energy Management

Measures to optimize energy consumption, monitoring its evolution and ensuring the effectiveness of all measures. Energy management strategies can be remunerated with a success fee

Technical Consulting

The day-to-day life of a building requires ongoing engineering. Many of the problems that occur are solved in a palliative way, or not solved at all. The price paid for this approach is high, both for customer dissatisfaction and ongoing operating costs. It is therefore essential to consider consulting, management, and auditing services, namely:

  • Technical due diligence
  • Technical audits
  • Maintenance audits
  • Thermal imaging 
  • Indoor Air Quality analysis
CBRE - Client LMGE, Grupo LM - Maintenance Management
Auchan - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
AXA - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Banco Atlantico - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Bee Engineering - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Bose - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
BPI - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Cateringpor - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Cushman & Wakefield - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Esso - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Exxor - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Fundger - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Fundimo - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Grupo Zahara - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Inditex - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
JLL - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Ageas Seguros - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Millenium BCP - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Multi - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Novo Banco - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Portela Cafés - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Serris Reim - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
SIVA - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Sodexo - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
Sonae MC - Client LMGE, Grupo LM
VIA Outlets - Client LMGE, Grupo LM

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